Update on theme

Written by admin, November 24, 2016

I have been working hard to create an optimized theme for you the puplic to us,
this theme includes the following

meta columizing , multiple frontpage layout for either simple slider with post loop to category post types.
project, client or testimonial pages,
integrated contact fomr with ninja form, also has options framework for about page with image upload or you can use the post loop to create that page yourself, both ways are appliciable.
within the misc options layout you can apply all your typography to set to h1-h6

just to finish on this is the nav color placements and footer color,
also latlong in options
footer does have muiltiple widget layout for you to use with a footer menu also

this theme also has alot of custm widges which you can play about with and apply to all widgetized areas like usual
documentation is to follow.
This is bad boy is ready to release